East Coast Retreat

On the first weekend of spring break we had our first ever East Coast Retreat! The retreat was at the 4H center in Maryland and when we got there we got to meet all of the other students from the other groups from New Jersey to North Carolina.

We started off the retreat with an epic sports night at a gym on the UMD campus. We played some quircky ice breaker games and then had a round robin of dodgeball, handball, and Braveheart.

The end of the sports night

We then headed over to the 4H center to rest up for the retreat for it was going to be a packed weekend. We began with some ice breakers to get to know the other people from the other campuses. It was crazy to see over 100 students from across the east coast gathering to hear from God and hear from God we did. Pastor Will gave some riling messages on the gospel message, urging us to respond to God's simple message of his love and forgiveness. We then ended the retreat with a presentation on different college revivals that usually began with just a few humble people whole heatedly serving the Lord and ended up bringing their whole campus to respond to the Gospel. It gave us all a new vision to what God may want to do with ourselves on our own college campuses.

All in all it was an amazing time of hearing from God. Hope you can join us next year! You don't want to miss it!

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