Klesis Expeditions & DC Night Hike

Sup, George Mason! For Expeditions this past Thursday, we discussed the question, "God, are you there?" Fun fact if our solar system was the size of a quarter, if the center of the Milky Way galaxy was in the middle of Missouri, it would span from border of Canada to the golf of Mexico.

If you're curious about any arguments for the existence of God check out this video:

On Friday, we went Night Monumenting in DC! Start form the WWII memorial and as we headed out for the Lincoln Memorial, we got caught up in a thunderstorm and got drenched. Afterwards we got some icecream cookie sandwiches for Captain Cookie and Milk Man.

See you next week for Thursday for Expedition Week 3 on Thursday 9/13 at 7-8pm HUB Side pocket.

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